Hi there, I’m Kailee Wise.
Thank you for visiting my page! (It really means A LOT to me that you’re here.)

My story is not anything out of the ordinary.
Wife to an amazing man who loves me well, Derek.
Mother to a wonderfully spunky little girl (Jayne) and a wildly adorable little boy (Davis).

I graduated with my BA in English with every intention of “becoming a writer”. I suppose I’ve been waiting for this transformative experience to occur to me for a while now, although as it would appear, that isn’t quite how it works. I love to write fiction, but found that as soon as I became a mother everything seemed to become stagnant. My writing was put on a shelf, and while this is pretty far from what I envisioned myself writing, it is what has poured out of me.

This blog was inspired by the overwhelming act of “becoming a mother”.

The ups, the downs and all the things I never could have foreseen.

So much of this adventure has been spent rewiring my brain to accept the reality that was before me instead of the naive notions that so easily filled my head. I had to let go of the pretty picture of motherhood, wifehood–all the images of what my life would look like when…(fill in the blank). I thought that I would transform into a mom when I became one, (much like my writer theory), and that I would naturally evolve into the kind of woman that irons regularly, has a gourmet dinner on the table when my husband gets home, traces her furniture white gloved with no fear, and has mothering instincts to match. To no one’s surprise but my own, I did not. I am still me. A me with better multitasking skills, a me that wears less makeup and unkempt hair, a me with so much love and gratitude in my heart that I feel I may erupt like a volcano at any moment, but still me. And sometimes, the volcano that threatens to erupt is not full of hugs and butterflies, but defeat and insecurities.
It’s so easy to assume you are failing if you aren’t doing motherhood in a way that makes a pretty portrait to hang on the wall, but that’s why I’m writing this blog. To challenge and debunk such a debilitating lie.
Expectation says everything will be beautiful and ideal.
Reality says it will be messy, scary, completely unpredictable… and maybe even a little bit fun.

Please come, sit, read, laugh, cry (along with me), and know that no matter how different reality may be from your expectations, it will always be better, because it is real.